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Save their careers…? Does his agent not like him having a gf? Does she go on tour and doesn’t want to keep Sam from living his life? What the hell does them being together have to do with their careers? Like help me understand…

Right I thought the description mentioned that their careers were taking off

I’m thinking it may be a distance thing, like she has to go one place (LA) and he has to go another (Paris? Milan?) in order for the careers to take off. So they have to decide will one of them (probably Sam) turn down the opportunity, or do they do a long distance relationship, or break up altogether?

Mercedes would rather have them break up than let Sam turn down an opportunity to live his dream and he knows how hard she’s fought to get her record deal on her terms.

Looking at the wording it says they “Consider” breaking up. Which is the logical thing to do since they have both worked hard in their careers and it would be easier not to have a long distance relationship. However since they wording is again “Consider” and their history is breaking up that is what everyone is going to expect them to do. I think the reason RIB wont tell us about Samcedes is because he wants us to believe its over. I am now convinced that “All of Me” is going to Samcedes. I do not believe a break up is in their future i believe an engagement is. Shoot the way Sam is he might convince her to marry him.

I have this thought in my head that the finale will have all the samcedes drama and them finally breaking up in front of their friends. Mercedes leaving NYC to go back to LA and Sam flying to other parts of the world for photo shoots, then we see a shot where they’re on facetime or skype, Mercedes asking Sam if he thinks anyone knows and Sam replying that he thinks no one knows and you see the two of them sporting wedding bands!

I would literally die if that happens, but I guess it all depends if Amber becomes a regular on season 6. I am optimistic that they’re not breaking up though and regardless Samcedes is Endgame!

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"Glee" Ratings Return to Series Low for "Opening Night"

Tuesday’s “Opening Night” edition of “Glee” slipped slightly in adults 18-49.

The episode, which averaged 2.49 million viewers, slipped to a 0.9 adults 18-49 rating. That ties the show’s series low mark in the ad-friendly demographic.

Once again, “Glee” lost viewers as the episode progressed. After opening to a 1.0 with 2.66 million viewers from 8-8:30PM, it fell to a 0.9 with 2.32 million in the latter half hour.

i’m sure a lot of the people on the samcedes tag are part of that drop! they realized there’s not much samcedes scenes on the episode and just said “bye, i’ll check on tumblr later for any samcedes ninja moment!” LOL

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"Samcedes Are Soulmates"


On Tuesday April 22 we will trend "Samcedes Are Soulmates" at 5 PM EST, 10 PM UK time.

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El martes 22 de Abril trendearemos “Samcedes Are Soulmates” a las 5 PM EST y 10 PM UK horas.

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"Samcedes Are Soulmates"


this scene from Ever After is what i try to emulate every time i attend an event by myself!

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