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Samcedes Week - Day 1: Falling in Love

it came like the night.
it was his smile that drew her in. Sam had a warm smile that made his eyes sparkle. she loved how he was cool and goofy at the same time. he would do impressions, the kind that would make you cringe sometimes but she would laugh genuinely.

it was her spirit that drew him in. Mercedes loves to laugh and the sound she makes when she laughs is music to his ears. he makes her laugh every chance he gets, so much that she forgets what it’s like to be sad. A sense of contentment washes over him whenever he sees her happy.

Sam knew he loves her the moment he saw her. It was during his first day in McKinley, she was amazing and wonderful during their performance. she was surrounded by friends; smiling and carefree. he wanted to know her and promised himself he would. The road took them in many different paths and yet his feelings for her never changed. it only grew and finally rooted with hers.

Mercedes was a skeptic. She wanted the Cinderella moment but knew there’s no such thing as a happy ending after the kiss. He was her fairy tale come true, it was a lapse in judgment, but for the moment she believed. he was a gentleman… and dashing… and all of the good qualities personified. she knew he was struggling but she didn’t mind, she loved him anyway.

It was in the stolen glances, the hidden smiles where they fell in love. 
Sam was the first to shout it out when Mercedes felt unworthy. He wanted her entirety and was willing to make a fool of himself for her.
Mercedes broke his heart several times when they came too close. She was afraid of the consuming passion enveloping her.
Sam tried to forget…
Mercedes wanted to move on…
But their fates were already written in the stars.

When everything became a blur, being together brought them clarity.
As clear as night and day it made sense.
So with the first kiss that showed them the way…

it was also a kiss that sealed their forever.

is it just me…

or the dwts announcement of season 18 champions lacked something?

don’t get me wrong i’m happy maks & meryl won, but the excitement of winning just doesn’t seem to elicit celebration.

I still remember season 17 and how surprised Amber was and how ecstatic Derek was and everyone with tears of joy for her, now it’s like… blah… well except for val being really happy for his brother, it’s totally blah!

I guess I miss the closeness of the group in the previous season, they really seem to genuinely like each other!

My honest opinion…

Like many of you out there, I too came to watch the season finale with so much optimism. For some reason I wanted to believe that Glee would not break my samcedes heart once again, but oh boy was I wrong!

Then after a few hours of sulking and licking my wounds, I realized that Glee for once was trying to fix all the wrongs they’ve done to samcedians everywhere.

For one they acknowledged that we wanted to know why they broke up and who dumped who. I’m happy that Mercedes dumped Sam (in all instances) but then I felt sad for Sam. One can only take so much heartache and Sam loves her so much that he’s willing to do anything for her which includes not having sex until they’re married. Now going back to the 2nd thing we wanted from samcedes was to have PDAs like all couples in Glee which they gave us in these past episodes. Another wrong Glee corrected is to actually let us have a break-up scene. I know we all felt robbed not knowing how and why Mercedes dumped Sam but tonight’s on screen break-up gave us 2 adults; not teens, but adults making a mature decision about their relationship. Like Mercedes said, who knows if they’re meant to be together, but in that moment we saw the love and respect they have for each other. If somewhere down the road they cross paths again, I’m pretty sure it’ll be marriage and kids. I’m actually happy that Sam quit modelling and is going back home (wherever that may be). I honestly think Sam chose to quit because he still wants to be with Mercedes and resist the temptation that comes with modelling. From the hug Sam and Mercedes shared in the last scene I think they talked about it and so I am not worried about Samcedes not being endgame.

I just have to spend more time talking about how the break up scene was to the point. People might want to romanticize LDR but the sad truth is that one way or another they will start resenting each other and that is no way healthy for their relationship. I wasn’t actually listening to what their friends were saying because I was full on defense mode, but after the dust has settled they all do make sense to me now. So as the saying goes, if you love someone set them free, if they come back then it’s yours to keep.

Now going back to the last scene where we see Sam in the halls of what looks like Mckinley. I was at first confused but then again it could be any school i suppose. So I guess we can expect Sam to go back to school and what else can I conclude but that Mercedes played a part in Sam realizing what he wants his future to look like. Mercedes makes Sam wants to be a better man and therefore us wanting them to be together. Paraphrasing a line from the mindy project, you know you’re right for each other when you want to be a better person and makes you a better person.

Now just to cover Chord’s tweet earlier. Chord didn’t say he liked Fabrevans or Bram, he simply tweeted he liked the Sam version with Quinn or Britt. I believe he said that because there were less drama in those pairings. Sam broke up with Quinn and that was the end of it. Britt broke up with Sam and they seem to have forgotten it already. I think the hate that comes with samcedes is too much for the poor guy and I don’t think Chord wants to portray a pushover guy on screen which is what’s happening with Sam crying after kissing somebody because he felt really guilty that he wants sex with Mercedes.

So all in all I am ok with the season ending. Not ecstatic but not bitter either. My samcedes heart will survive like it always does and with all the wonderful people in the samcedes fandom how can you not. This fandom has been with me through all the ups and downs of Samcedes. I thing I will promise though… Samcedes or not in season 6, I will religiously watch Glee again if Amber Riley becomes a series regular again.

To all Samcedians… Samcedes sails on!

PS. Sadhappygirl, we would appreciate it so much if you could update The Muse anytime soon. That story would definitely lessen the heartache! ❤️😉








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